College Football – 2008 AP Top 25 Poll Sports Trivia Makes Great Watering Hole Bets

During the pre-game exercises and when the post-game celebrations are simply beginning, nothing works up revenue like a decent games random data question, and cash trading surrenders who has the right reply. Here are some incredible random data inquiries concerning the AP Top 25 Poll that highlighted the 2008 school football season.

Other than myself, just a detail individual and an insights aficionado who might carefully diagram the whole 15-week season could sort out the right responses to these inquiries.

A games nut with a decent memory could pay for a great deal of pizza and brew with the right responses to the accompanying inquiries:

1) Among the 25 groups positioned in the first seven day stretch of the AP Top 25 Poll, just 12 would be positioned in the Poll every one of the 15 weeks. Their position in the last fifteenth week survey goes before their name. Who right? (Reply: #1 Florida, #2 Oklahoma, #3 Texas, #4 Alabama, #5 USC (Southern California), #6 Penn State, #7 Utah, #8 Texas Tech, #10 Ohio State, #16 Georgia, #17 BYU (Brigham Young) and #25 Missouri.)

2) Among the dozen groups that were positioned each week, which group rose most elevated in the Poll during the 15-week time frame? (Reply: Utah began at #22 and completed at #7.)

3) Which group fell the most during the 15-week season? (Missouri began at #6 and tumbled to #25 and practically out of the Poll.)

4) Because of equality among the current year’s 119 Division 1-A groups (otherwise called the FBS-Football Bowl Subdivison), what number of groups made the Poll during the season? (49 groups, or 41%, went through somewhere around multi week in the Poll). UFABETบริการ

5) Every season has somebody week ponders, a group that at last gets positioned in the AP Top 25 Poll and afterward is gone the extremely one week from now, never to return during the remainder of the period. What number of one-week ponders were there in the 2008 season? (Three-Connecticut, Miami (FL), and UCLA).

6) Many groups are delayed prodigies who make the Poll sooner or later and afterward stay in the Top 25 for the remainder of the period. What number of groups were slowpokes in 2008?

(Seven-Ball State, Boise State, Cincinnati, Mississippi, Northwestern, Oklahoma State and Oregon State.)

7) Among the slowpokes, which of the 7 spent the most weeks in the Poll? (Boise State, 12 weeks.)

8) Every year a few groups have scrappers who come into the Poll, drop out of the Poll and afterward battle their direction back in once more. What number of groups had scrappers in 2008? (14 groups Boston College, California, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Michigan State, North Carolina, Oregon, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, TCU (Texas Christian), Tulsa, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.)