The Top 10 Reasons Why a Player Won’t Sign Up Or Use Your Free Casino Players Card

Understanding why a player won’t sign up or use your card, even after receiving their initial card, is a key to understanding your player base, the perception of your loyalty programs, and how your front line staff is communicating the benefits (or lack there of).

Having traveled to hundreds of 카지노커뮤니티 throughout the country in either a consulting role, as a mystery shopper or player, I’ve kept a database on why players won’t use a Player’s Card. I will continue to update the list and even one day breakout the list by gaming jurisdiction and type of casino (local, resort, tribal).

10. The offers aren’t worth it, the only thing I ever got was a free coffee mug.

How guilty are you at not communicating the benefits of your club? Are you also guilty of “baiting” someone into signing up and then forgetting all about them? This happens all too frequently, where the best offer a player ever received was the initial $5 in Free Play or the logo disposable camera. Then after spending their “bankroll,” you never contact the new player again. Yes, we understand the reasons why, too much is emphasized on new player acquisition, and not enough is budgeted on existing player development or the player simply didn’t play enough on their first trip. Hmm, good enough to take up labor costs, shell out a free gift, perhaps a coupon book, but not enough to paste a stamp on a letter and say “Hey, thanks for joining…as a reminder, here are the benefits…”


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