Document Composition Streamlines Document Production To Enhance Customer Experience

Document Composition Streamlines Document Production To Enhance Customer Experience



The Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution is proven to enhance the customer experience by designing, printing & delivering personalized communications across multichannel. If we talk about document orchestration תקשורת לקוחות דיגיטלית or designing, companies these days have an option to choose any suitable tool through different providers like Pitney Bowes, HP, GMC etc. to improve customer experience. The innovative providers with their vivid approach meet the CCM needs to streamline customer’s existing process and help them to achieve their business goals. These providers connect you with customers to provide structured transactions, engage in dialogue and exchange information, data & knowledge.

The automated document composition tools help to minimise the obstacle of manually gathering, mapping and outputting the documents.. this in return saves your time, effort and expense. The solution providers take unique steps to avoid any complicated programming and complex hard-to-know user interfaces for better work quality and operational efficiency.

The following steps are involved in designing a personalised document:

Pre-Processing: To build the right message the customer’s data is gathered from the database and developed & modified to make it suitable for the composition tool. It Simplifies integration with other enterprise applications and automate output. The refined profiles are then prepared based on demographics behaviour, sentiment analysis and transactional data to deliver the relevant message. It is important to create right message for the right channel to win customer’s heart and mind.


Document Composition: The solution orchestrates personalized communication to boost productivity and increase accuracy. To engage with your customers, the relevant content is required to be mapped to deliver the right message at the right time. The composition tools allow managing all the documents in a single unified environment. Here, the documents are created and edited with intuitive designer and then the personalized documents are generated using templates within the selected environment. These are processed and organised in batches for automated mass production.


Post Process: This step helps to convert the pre-defined print ready files and output it into any multichannel communication format your client demands.


Production set-up & Post Production: The workflow configuration is set up across platform and it provides incident management and support services on existing solutions.


Communication: On demand communications are delivered through digital and paper channels.


Personalized document Increases revenues, uplift cross selling production and Improve profitability


Reduce operating cost by implementing the automated process


Improve consistency in brand image by accurate marketing of your product and services


Mitigate risk by partnering with a provider or company that helps you to understand your needs and provide solution that best suits with your environment


Integrate flawlessly with other enterprise applications


Minimize the use of paper footprint and helps you to use greener technologies


Adherence to compliance and better quality control

The following industries are benefited by this new wave of multichannel CCM:

Banking, Financials services and Insurance


Human Resource & Government Agencies


Print Service Providers




Health Care




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